About the Laboratory of Athmosphere Physics - University of Patras:

The webpage www.weather.upatras.gr belongs to the Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics, University of Patras, Greece (LAPUP). LAPUP was founded in 1968 and its activities include teaching and research in the topics of Atmospheric Physics, Meteorology, Climatology and Environmental Physics.

The members of LAPUP teach mainly undergraduate and graduate courses related to Energy and Environment at the Physics partment and to the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program of Environmental Sciences of the School of Science.

The activities of LAPUP include participation in international and national research programs but also services related to Atmospheric Physics, Meteorology and Climatology.

For more information about the LAPUP activities, please visit our web site www.atmosphere-upatras.gr

Staff Involved:

Dr. Athanassios A. Argiriou (Associate Professor, Head of the LAPUP) is responsible for this site.
Dr. Andreas Kazantzidis (Assistant Professor) is responsible for the UV index and cloudiness data.
Dr. Ioannis Kioutsioukis (Lecturer) is responsible for the meteorological forecasts.

Contact Us:

by e-mail:weather@upatras.gr
by mail:Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics, Physics Department, University of Patras, 26500, Patras, Greece
by phone: +30 2610 996078 (Dr. Athanassios A. Argiriou)
+30 2610 997549 (Dr. Andreas Kazantzidis)
by fax:+30 2610 997989

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